Why Must You Wear Braids During Winter Season

Winter is already here. For women, there are a lot of things that we are worried about, especially in the beauty department. The severe cold climate could be very harsh to our hair and skin and it becomes a real disaster once we only allow it to just happen and won’t do something to combat it. Wearing braids is one of the greatest options to take in terms of maintaining and protecting your air during the winter season. With this, we do not mean braiding your hair for one day, what we’re after is the complete braids that usually lasts about 5-6 weeks. If you’re still in doubt, here are the reasons to do it: 

Low maintenance 

Within 5-6 weeks of having your hair braided, you will not need to shampoo it every day. We know too well how much shampooing could a total inconvenience for us, particularly during the cold season. All you just have to do to make sure that it will be healthy is to get a great conditioner you can use to moisturize your hair and to keep it soft and healthy. 

Protect hair from extreme elements 

Braids are definitely suggested if you want to protect your hair in the winter months, particularly for women having textured hair. Extreme weather circumstances and cold temperatures can totally impact your delicate hair strands. Though there are a lot of alternatives you can apply to stop your hair from damaging, wearing it in a braid is still one of the greatest protective ways to do so.  

Less susceptible to breakage 

One of the best preventative and protective effects to wear braids is that it makes our hair less susceptible to split ends and breakage. The cold weather could easily dry hair, which leads to having dry and split ends, and more breakage. Braids, especially crotched braids, can aid to lock in moisture since the hair is less exposed and tucked in properly.  

Promotes healthy hair growth 

To have your hair braided does not promote rapid hair growth, instead, it can make your hair grow healthily. Because braids can be a great way to protect your hair, you can anticipate having healthy growing hair while having braided hair. Also, braided hair can make your hair healthy, strong, and vibrant, making it feel and look great. 

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Top DIY Flooring Errors

One perfect way to update your home’s look while incorporating new appeal would be to install new floors. While design and style are the crucial parts of the process of making decisions, homeowners usually forget other aspects that must be highly considered. Regardless if you opt for laminate, vinyl, or hardwood flooring, you should guarantee to thoroughly do your research, particularly if you are not planning to hire an expert installer. Or else, the most inexpensive flooring selection could be more expensive sooner or later. Below are some of the guides to prevent doing the typical flooring errors, especially if you want to do the project yourself. 

Expecting too much for DIY skills 

Though DIY projects could help minimize the total expenses of the project, a lot of homeowners do not have the more developed skills needed to complete the installation. Bad installation might result in numerous issues down eventually and it could cost quite high. Initially, you have to understand what the installation project involves. The website of flooring manufacturer provides information about the DIY skill level for every type of flooring or a particular flooring retailer could offer info on how complex the installation is. Also, make sure to address and be real in terms of your DIY capabilities. If you are unsure about your DIY knowledge, you might as well hire a certified installer. 

Not spending too much on affordable flooring 

You should guarantee to get a great grasp about the construction of your floor, particularly if it is being positioned in a moisture-prone or high-traffic places, such as stains, scuffs, and scratches. Buying a well-made flooring will help make it appear as if it’s new for a longer time, which makes it worthy for an additional cost and as an investment. 

Forgetting to do research before installing 

Make sure that you picture out the entire idea of what’s about to happen before you choose your flooring. Does the room you’re setting up the flowing in require improvements like trim and mold? Do you want to have a transitional piece from one room to another? Do you need a subfloor? You have to guarantee that you understand and do some research about the possible needs so you could properly install it for the first time.   

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Things to Know About the Shadow

A shadow is always standing right behind us. It is simply out of our sight. People cast a shadow in any direct light.

A psychological term for every single thing we cannot see in ourselves is called the shadow. To protect our self-image from anything that is unfamiliar or unflattering, most individuals go to great lengths. Thus, before you acknowledge your own shadow, it is simpler to observe the shadow of another person.

All people are vulnerable to this.

It can direct to better personal awakening, energy, creativity, and authenticity if you explore your shadow. So, what is shadow work therapy? Before we can answer that, there are several things you have to know:

What’s The Shadow?

Since it contains mainly negative and primitive human impulses and emotions such as striving for power, desire, selfishness, greed, envy, and rage, the “bad side” of our personality is called the shadow.

Every single thing that isn’t compatible with our selected conscious behavior about ourselves refers to this bad side.

Your disowned self is your personal shadow. It self-embodies the areas of a person that he or she no longer claims to be his/herself. This includes integral positive qualities.

These disowned or unchecked components of our personality will not go anywhere. While we reject them in our effort to get rid of them, we simply cannot cast them out.

How is it created?

Each young kid understands generosity, love, and kindness. However, he or she also expresses greed, selfishness, and anger.

These feelings are a fragment of our collective mortality. However, something occurs as we grow up.

Traits associated with “being bad” are neglected. On the other hand, traits associated with “being good” are accepted.

Every single person in the world has basic human needs. These needs include needs for belonging, security and safety needs, and physiological needs. These needs are instinctual and biological.

As kids, we get negative signals from our surroundings whenever we expressed particular areas of ourselves. Perhaps we threw a tantrum and got mad. Our parents scolded us and sent us to our bedroom/

Or maybe we acted silly, randomly, playfully, or boldly in our classroom during the first grade. Our lecturer disgraced us for our lack of modesty in front of everyone in the classroom and told us to behave.

This threatened one of our basic needs when it happened. Of course, it has occurred a lot of times in our life.

What Happens Whenever You Contain the Shadow?

We see in other people whatever traits we reject in ourselves. This is also known as projection in psychology. We distend onto others anything we hide within ourselves.

For instance, it is an excellent bet you have not owned your own rudeness if you get annoyed whenever a person is rude to you. Of course, it does not mean that the individual is not being rude. But, the rudeness of another person will not bother you a lot if the rudeness was not in your shadow self. This process happens subconsciously. You will not be aware of it.