Why Must You Wear Braids During Winter Season

Winter is already here. For women, there are a lot of things that we are worried about, especially in the beauty department. The severe cold climate could be very harsh to our hair and skin and it becomes a real disaster once we only allow it to just happen and won’t do something to combat it. Wearing braids is one of the greatest options to take in terms of maintaining and protecting your air during the winter season. With this, we do not mean braiding your hair for one day, what we’re after is the complete braids that usually lasts about 5-6 weeks. If you’re still in doubt, here are the reasons to do it: 

Low maintenance 

Within 5-6 weeks of having your hair braided, you will not need to shampoo it every day. We know too well how much shampooing could a total inconvenience for us, particularly during the cold season. All you just have to do to make sure that it will be healthy is to get a great conditioner you can use to moisturize your hair and to keep it soft and healthy. 

Protect hair from extreme elements 

Braids are definitely suggested if you want to protect your hair in the winter months, particularly for women having textured hair. Extreme weather circumstances and cold temperatures can totally impact your delicate hair strands. Though there are a lot of alternatives you can apply to stop your hair from damaging, wearing it in a braid is still one of the greatest protective ways to do so.  

Less susceptible to breakage 

One of the best preventative and protective effects to wear braids is that it makes our hair less susceptible to split ends and breakage. The cold weather could easily dry hair, which leads to having dry and split ends, and more breakage. Braids, especially crotched braids, can aid to lock in moisture since the hair is less exposed and tucked in properly.  

Promotes healthy hair growth 

To have your hair braided does not promote rapid hair growth, instead, it can make your hair grow healthily. Because braids can be a great way to protect your hair, you can anticipate having healthy growing hair while having braided hair. Also, braided hair can make your hair healthy, strong, and vibrant, making it feel and look great. 

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